Aikido is a Japanese martial art defined as the way to harmonize with the universal force of nature. It was developed by Morihei Ueshiba, a Japanese warrior and master of the arts of jujitsu, kendo (sword arts), and sojitsu (spear arts). O'Sensei ("Great Teacher") Ueshiba, survived great hardships and tragedies in his youth. His determination not to be defeated, or weakened, in life or battle led him to blend his martial training with his burgeoning spirituality. O'Sensei's developing spirituality led him to question the nature of traditional Budo. Though undefeated in battles with masters of other martial arts, O'Sensei questioned the wisdom of meeting force with force. Surely, he believed, someone bigger/stronger/younger could ultimately defeat even a great master of a martial art, thus rendering a lifetime's worth of dedicated work meaningless. O'Sensei understood that life's battles were many, both mundane and serious, and that victory in battle required that theindividual be developed, not just the individual's martial skills. It is only through developing the self beyond selfish, petty ambition, he concluded, that the individual is released to realize his/her full potential. O'Sensei believed martial arts training could be a means to fully develop and harness this potential. Sincere and rigorous training in the tactics and techniques of Aikido then serves two purposes: self-defense and individual growth.

The dynamic practice of Aikido requires the practitioner to move in a circular manner, with a strong center. One way to picture this is to consider the hurricane - the eye of the storm is calm, but circling around it are powerful winds. The essence of Aikido is for the practitioner to remain calm and to blend with an attack while adding one's inner power, or "ki", to the spherical motion. Blending with an attack and infusing one's own ki into it, and Aikido's spherical techniques, create a powerful dynamic that can decisively end conflict. In addition to the larger movements, there are also smaller movements that serve to deflect attacks and immobilize attackers. Both the larger and smaller movements of Aikido utilize the laws of physics to end physical conflict. The circular movements create centrifugal and centripetal forces. Others combine inertia, gravity and leverage to achieve the desired result. The Aikido practitioner combines all of these elements - the various forces, movements and techniques - within a framework of personal harmony with the natural world, to end conflict and achieve peace. These same concepts can be applied outside of the dojo, to conquer the non-physical obstacles in one's life.

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  • Uchideshi Training at Korinji Monastery (Madison, WI) From: Kristen Radtke posted on 8. Jul 2017, 08:16pm URL: https://www.korinji.org/focused-internships Applications are being accepted for combined Aikido/Zen residential training at Korinji, a Rinzai monastery near Madison, WI. Meido Moore Sensei (6th dan), who is also a Zen teacher, serves as the Korinji abbot and will direct the training. Uchideshi in this full-time residential program will participate in daily Zen practice according to the monastic schedule, but with approximately 4 hours daily allotted for Aikido training. For formal uchideshi training a minimum stay of six months is required, with longer stays encouraged. Persons wishing to reside and train for shorter periods are also welcome, however, as general guests. For more information please click the link; inquiries may be directed to info@korinji.org. Submit an Aikido News Item

  • "The Language of Aikido" Now in Paperback! From: Jun Akiyama posted on 5. Jul 2017, 10:09pm URL: http://amzn.to/2tODUHv "The Language of Aikido: A Practitioner's Guide to Japanese Characters and Terminology" by Michael Hacker is now available in paperback! “The Language of Aikido” is a well-researched book steeped with scholarship, personal experience, and heart. I believe “The Language of Aikido” will help clarify the Japanese language as used in Aikido to deepen both the theory as well as the practice of our art for students and teachers of all approaches, backgrounds, and experience levels. An invaluable addition to every Aikido library. Highly recommended! Submit an Aikido News Item

  • Aikido Assassins: The gang of Siberian athletes turned contract killers From: Jun Akiyama posted on 5. Jul 2017, 12:59am URL: https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2017/7/4/15919418/aikido-assassins-the-gang-of-siberian-athletes-turned-contract-killers This article entitled "Aikido Assassins: The gang of Siberian athletes turned contract killers" describes Andrey Sinyukov, head of the Aikido Federation in Kuzbass, who reportedly engaged in racketeering, money-laundering, blackmail, and even murder through a criminal organization masquerading as a sports entity that he founded. From the article: "Sinyukov is reportedly a 2nd dan blackbelt in Aikido, a title he received in Tokyo. In Russia, he owned and operated the ‘Sei Shin’ training facility for children interested in learning Aikido. He regularly gave interviews to Kuzbass media, where he discussed the importance of sports as a form of education. This façade of legitimacy created by Sinyukov lasted until the the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation in the Kemerovo region reported that Sinyukov was “suspected in a number of especially grave crimes, including murder." In a matter of hours, Sinyukov went from a respected member of society to a wanted fugitive fleeing prosecution." Submit an Aikido News Item

  • 8/26-8/27, 2017: How to Run an Aikido Dojo Workshop, Spotsylvania, VA From: Aviv Goldsmith posted on 5. Jul 2017, 12:56am URL: http://www.gashuku.net 8/26-8/27, 2017 in Spotsylvania, CA: We are offering an innovative and informative seminar for Dojo Cho and Senseis and Assistant Instructors. How to Run an Aikido Dojo will be led by a successful businessperson and 6th dan Sensei, Aviv Goldsmith. Learn about all facets of how to make your dojo be more successful and efficient. http://www.gashuku.net/documents/HowtoteachAikidoSeminar2017.pdf Submit an Aikido News Item

  • Video/DVD - Living Aikido Life From: Bogdan Heretoiu posted on 11. Jun 2017, 12:31pm URL: http://livingaikido.life/dojo-cho-info/ Living Aikido Life is a project dedicated to connecting local Aikido Dojos with educators and parents from K-12 Public Schools in their community, with the intention to explore Aikido’s fundamental principle of conflict resolution based on mutual respect. The film and overall project provides exceptional knowledge in how Aikido’s principles can be applied in our daily lives, regardless of being a Martial Artist or not. For more information please visit http://livingaikido.life/dojo-cho-info Submit an Aikido News Item

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