Gilda Bruckman, Rokudaan, Senior Instructor

Gilda Bruckman, a sixth degree black belt, is a writing tutor at Cambridge College, where her students are undergraduate and graduate working adults. She first began practicing Aikido in 1972 under the instruction of Mitsunari Kanai Shihan and continued as his longest practicing student until his death.

I am particularly interested in Aikido's ability to help us know our own bodies and enable us to understand that power is not only the application of more and more muscle. Gaining the knowledge required to unify the body and mind is far more challenging than that required to simply overcome an opponent. The application of physical or 'muscle' power alone results in an imbalance in the mind-body relationship, an imbalance that can effect the decisions that people make when in conflict. Unifying the mind and body through practice, and maintaining that connection makes the practice of Aikido endlessly engaging and gives the practitioner much to pursue regardless of their physical strength and size. The added benefit is that this form of practice has many applications for the rest of our lives, not just those moments when faced with a physical conflict.
Gilda Bruckman


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