Focus Classes


2011 Ki-Shô-Ten-Ketsu (Introduction, Development, Turn and Conclusion)


We focused on understanding the flow of basic Aikido movement that leads to techniques by dividing it into four components, Ki (Introduction)-Shô (Development)-Ten (Turn)-Ketsu (Conclusion).


2012 Joints and Toitsutai (Unified Body)


It is essential to understand the principle of your body movement when you guide techniques into the flow of Ki-Shô-Ten-Ketsu (Introduction, Development, Turn and Conclusion).

We focused on using joints in the right order to generate the maximum power by minimum energy input, and finishing each techniques with the unified body and mind toward your opponent by taking Toitsutai.


2013 Initial Contact


We focused on how much Ma-ai, the distance with your opponent, to take when your own Bugokoro or fighting spirit toward the opponent arises.  In addition, we focused on how to make an initial contact with the opponent from the distance and how to lead the uke to the most effective direction to break the balance and to finish with Aikido techniques.


2014 Basic Movements and Techniques, and Applied Techniques.


Until this point, we have focused on starting basic and applied techniques from your hip movement that is the foundation of your body.  This year, we are going to focus on both hand and arm movement for those Aikido techniques, as well as hip movement.  Furthermore, when we receive Aikido techniques as Uke, it is important to become aware of being too nice to怀Nage’s ineffective leading movements.  It is to focus on the quality of each technique throughout Keiko (practice), instead of focusing on being difficult toward your partner or on the number of throws during practice time.

Not only on making basic techniques perfect/complete with basic movements, we are going to focus on the practice method that can be applicable to applied or more advanced techniques as a way to improve the quality of each techniques.

Month Focus Class
January, 19th
Ikkyo (Dosa) Udeosae—Inubusi, Kabeosae, Hikitaoshi
From Ikkyo to Nikyo—Kotemawashi, Kotedome Katagatame
February, 16th
From Ikkyo to Sankyo—Kotehineri Katagatame
From Nikyo to Sankyo—Kotehineri Katagatame
March, 16th
From Sankyo to Koshiguruma
From Sankyo to Seoiotoshi
April, 20th Kaitennage Uchikaiten Sankyo and Soto Kaitennage Movement to Katahikiotoshi
May, 18th Iriminage—From irimi movement Hitoeiriminage or from tenshin movement Shihosabaki Hitoeiriminage
June, 15th Shihonage, Shihosabaki—Taiotoshi, Ukiotoshi, Aikiotoshi
July, 20th Tenchinage
August, 17th Kotegaeshi
September, 21st Gyakutenage, Jujinage
Octover, 19th Makiotoshi
November, 16th Udemaki Hajikigoshi
December, 21st Ryoteguruma, Kiriotoshi


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