Andre Brown, Yondan, Instructor

Andre Brown started his Aikido training in 1991 and also holds the rank of shodan in Kenpo Karate. For the past 11 years, he has worked as a senior computer operater for a publishing house. Andre has studied a variety of martial arts since 1988 and participated in numerous Aikido seminars. He has been an instructor of both beginners and advanced students, as well as children. He has also conducted self-defense courses and participated in a martial arts instructional video produced at Emerson College.

Aikido, for me, is a journey of self discovery. It is a journey that can be perilous to the un-aware, or wonderous and full of enjoyment. Patience, practice, and time are key in your development and can help or hinder your progress through Aikido. Experiencing the trials of self discovery and awareness that Aikido offers can be a crowning achievement in life. In the end, we each learn a little something about ourselves.
Andre Brown


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