Betsy Rodman, Yondan, Senior Instructor

Betsy Rodman, a fourth degree black belt, is a mosaic artist and part time community health nurse. Betsy started practicing Aikido in 1982 under Mitsunari Kanai Shihan.

For me the practice of Aikido has provided an environment where I can grow on many levels, both physically and spiritually. The longer I practice, the more I find there is to learn, and that is an exciting feeling. It is important in Aikido to maintain a beginner's mind, to remain receptive to learn new techniques and old techniques in new ways. Doing so reminds all serious practitioners that a dan grade or black belt is merely the beginning of the journey, not the destination. Practicing in this way has afforded me the opportunity to be focused, inwardly and outwardly strong, and humble. It is this feeling or philosophy that I try to share in my practice and my teaching.
Betsy Rodman


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