Joji Sawa, Godan, Senior Instructor

Joji Sawa, a fifth degree black belt, was born and educated in Tokyo, Japan, and runs a technical communications business offering interpretation and translation services. Joji started practicing Aikido in 1981 with Mitsunari Kanai Shihan.

The more I try to describe what Aikido is, the more it slips away from what I think it is. Aikido starts once you step on the mat, and it ends when you leave the mat. Aikido can be 'discussed' most fruitfully through the physical exchange between Nage and Uke. Of course, all Aikido practitioners are entitled to philosophize about Aikido. However, your development is attained through practice. I think this is the essence of Aikido. I encourage everyone to practice before philosophizing. This is the most beneficial approach.
Joji Sawa


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